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Work With Your Rep When Times Are Tough

Here we are, smack dab in the heart of summer. As a film fan, I look at this as “Summer Blockbuster Movie” time. As with many recent summers, today’s movie scene is inundated with mega-blockbuster sequels – movie titles that end with “Episode II,” “Part III,” “A New Beginning” and so on.

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Reps Can Offer New Firms Credit Assistance

Here you are, thumbing through this month’s issue of KBDN, dreaming the dream – “The American Dream.” You’re envisioning hanging the sign – you know the one – the one with your company name on it. And, you’re picturing those business cards with the raised lettering listing you as owner, proprietor or president of this venture. The best part of that business card is that it’s your license to do things your way. You’ll set the policy and you’ll make the decisions. You’ll do the work and, best of all, you’ll reap the benefits.

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Manufacturers' Rep Breakfast Facilitates Networking

“To be a rep, you must have something to sell.” Not quite the insightful, attention-grabbing opening line needed to start a column, is it?

How about this one? “A manufacturer needs someone to sell its products.” Not an earth-shattering statement, either.

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Comfort Level Critical to Embracing New Products

Change. We really don’t like it. And, as a rep, I will attest that kitchen and bath professionals dislike change more than most. It’s probably just human nature. We are, after all, most comfortable with what we know.

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Protect Your Company Against the Loss of its Leadership

You're leaning back in a black leather chair, slowly but surely closing another deal. Twirling your pencil, finger to finger, with the confidence of being an important component of a very successful small business, your future's set. It's a family business with a solid 25-year history. It's a business with industry-leading suppliers and a long, strong list of clients. It’s a business owned by a well-known and well-respected member of your industry. It's a business that you have dedicated your professional life to and envision going on into perpetuity.

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Betting on Solid Returns at This Month's K/BIS

We've chanced highways and ventured airports to make the journey. Like the Siren to Homer's Odysseus, we are drawn to Las Vegas: to listen to the choir of coins, to float below the alluring lights, to cruise the canals and navigate the monuments rising from the desert. We come there to turn the cards, to roll the dice, to spin the wheel, to let it ride. We may even be bold enough to chance a little work, too.

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