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Using Reps to Improve Your Showroom

It was 7:43 a.m. and I was maneuvering my car into the left lane of' I-95 south. The 495 split was coming up fast when my cell phone rang. My office was calling to deliver a few messages that had come in the previous evening. One customer had asked me to call him about a showroom issue and the other had questions about new displays. My mind raced forward; just the day before, I had jotted down showrooms and displays as a topic for my next column. The traffic was now slowing, but my thoughts were quickly gaining speed.

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The Old Economy Gets a Virtual Boost

Just a few years ago, we could all sense that revolution in the kitchen and bath industry was in the wind. We could see the promotion and glitz generated by companies selling technological utopias. We could taste the impending satisfaction of paperless transactions. We could smell the sweet aroma of easy success based on revolutionary ideas.

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New Ideas Begin With You, the Specifier

Where do ideas originate? Where do manufacturers find innovative door styles? How about the latest colors and finishes where do those ideas originate? Unique cabinets, creative options, the latest reports, pioneering ways to communicate manufacturers are continuously developing innovative and superior ways of doing things, but where do the ideas come from?

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Tips for Maximizing Field Inspections

As a rep, I visit job sites for various reasons. Some dealers enjoy showing me their innovative and beautiful projects; a number of them like to share design and construction suggestions. Still others need my assistance in making a field inspection.

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Tips for Controlling Your Business

Who controls your business? As a kitchen and bath dealer, are you the one making the decisions that affect your bottom line and ultimately the success and of your company?
In the present business environment, many kitchen and bath dealers are no longer running their own firms. Suppliers, salespeople, customers and competitors are all gaining more influence. These additional influences can pull your business in an unprofitable direction if you're not meticulous in focusing your company on the right objectives.

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'Scouting' Your Retail Competition

I'm happy to declare that April is here again. It's a month with different meanings for different people. To me, it spells a new beginning. No, not just to spring, but rather to a new baseball season.

Baseball, you see, is a favorite of mine and as a fun, motivational device, I equate my work to it. I approach my business as a game and, just like baseball, my goal is to win each day's competition.

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