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Working With Clients to Resolve Problem Issues

As I prepare this column, we are beginning to enjoy the winter months. While I'm not a person who takes pleasure in cold weather, I do enjoy the slight respite brought on by this traditionally slower sales season. Winter gives me the chance to take a little bit of a breather, stay a little closer to home and concentrate on organizing the year that lies before me.

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Reps Can Help in Starting a Business

This morning, just as I had finished returning calls from the evening before, my phone rang. When I answered it, I found that it was one of my favorite types of calls. On the other end was someone who was considering opening a new business and was asking for my help. This is a tremendous way to utilize a rep.

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Best Methods for Rep Communication

A few days ago, I was standing in a distributor's closing room, conducting a training session with one of the company's new salespeople. I covered my entire line, dotting every I and crossing every T. All that was left for me to do was give her my contact information, so I reached into my suit jacket card pocket and pulled out my business card.

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Running, With Your Head Up, to Succeed

In business, the expression means that, while you're working hard with purpose and direction, you're keeping your eyes and ears open for changes and new opportunities. It means that you're not just recognizing these changes and opportunities, but also being in position to take advantage of them.

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Play the Numbers for Business Success

I like numbers. They make sense to me. I trust them, I believe in them and I'm motivated by them. They speak to me. They inform me of how I'm doing, they update the results of my efforts and they motivate me to do better. Numbers are powerful to me because I understand what they mean and I make decisions based on them. I play the numbers.

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Getting the Most from Training Sessions

Training is an integral part of my job as a rep. Over the years I have had the opportunity to train well over 1,000 people in the industry on cabinetry and on design software. I have trained in hotels from Four Seasons to Hampton Inns. I have trained in computer labs, tech centers, universities, dealer conference rooms, dealer showrooms, on the hood of my car and at a table in a TGI FRIDAY's. I thoroughly enjoy training but, more importantly, training is essential to the dealers and distributors.

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