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Are Independents the Way to Go for Your Firm?

You won’t be surprised to hear that I’m a fan of the independent contractor model. This model works well for many manufacturers, and even more so when times are tough. In difficult times, many kitchen and bath firms also turn to independents as a means to become more aggressive and competitive; some do so for cost reasons, as well.

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Is a Career as a Rep the Right Choice for You?

So, you want to be a rep. Well, you’re not alone.

I often hear the words, “How can I become a rep?” Sometimes the question is posed by dealers looking to reposition themselves from the retail world. Other times it is asked by company salespeople searching for more independence.

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Opening Doors Creates Dealer Opportunities

Wherever you are right now I want you to stop, close your eyes and think really hard. Do you know if the front door to your business is open? If you want to know for sure, call a rep.

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Independent Reps’ Event Provides Benefits

I happened along the words while engaged in casual banter with a handful of kitchen and bath professionals at a recent conference. The members of our exchange were grazing the surface of numerous topics regarding our industry. At an opportune time for me, the matter of a company seeking an independent rep popped up and one of my manufacturer friends looked at me and said: “They don’t make you anymore.”

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Setting the Bar Higher to Increase Your Value

The morning was just cold enough to turn my fingertips to ice and see my breath cloud and dissipate before me as I lugged my door sample bags from my car to the showroom.

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Using Your Rep as a Key Business Resource


Do you cringe when your cell phone rings? I don’t. Why? Because when my Blackberry rings, buzzes or blinks during the day I smile, knowing that nine out of 10 times it’s one of my best customers calling.

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