HaasExampleMorgan Pinnacle Has Proudly Represented Haas Cabinet Company for 30+ Years

“From Our Family to Yours. We take a very personal interest in the product which bares our family name and we look forward to having our family’s products be a part of your family’s home”. This is a quote from Haas Cabinet Company and we live this statement. The Morgan family company has represented Haas Cabinet Company for 30+ years, and we are fully committed to the success of Haas Cabinet and Haas’ many dealers. We believe that relationships are the most important aspect from manufacturer to dealer to the public and focus on doing what is right for all today and tomorrow.

Haas Cabinet is the type of company everyone wishes all of their suppliers was. When you sell Haas Cabinets you are working with friends. From customer service, to production to delivery your day is spent with people that care. And if you want to share good news or creative ideas with the owner, there is actually a Mr. Haas to call. And you’ll like him, because he truly has an interest in you and your success. His name is on it.Haas Class

Haas has been building affordable American made cabinetry since 1939. The line spans from contractor grade to inset with premium finishes all at reasonable prices. Take a look at the website and you’ll see why you’ll enjoy and profit from being a Haas Dealer too.

Haas Cabinet Co

As representatives of Haas Cabinet Company, Morgan Pinnacle looks for long-term relationships with our dealers.  We are fully committed to your success.

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